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                Company Introduction
                Holide Module&plastie Co.,Ltd

                Add: Building-2,NO.36,TongFu Road,PingHu,Long Gang District,ShenZhen,China.
                Zip Code:518111
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                  Shenzhen Holide Module&plastie Co.,Ltd. is an emerging professional mobile phone accessories manufacturer, the company product design, mold development, production and sales in one of the best private enterprises. Lo Kam, chairman of the company under the leadership of the river, the formation of good corporate management team, Thanks to the community support and their own unremitting efforts, has developed into a mold manufacturing, injection molding, coating, screen printing, pad printing, printing, non- dust coating, assembly and other supporting technology for the integrated enterprise, especially in the mobile spray, is a unique manufacturing process.

                  The company is located away from the city of South China International Electronic Materials 300 meters of the new industrial area. Plant area of ​​about 20,000 square meters, employs 800 people around the powerful Synaptic strength is a good root of the rapid development of the company. The company adopts advanced management mode, perfect quality management system, strict implementation of ISO9001 international quality system standards, and strive to improve the quality of staff skills and quality awareness, and constantly introduce high technology and equipment, with skilled hands-on experience and mature technology process, is a professional manufacturing management talent as one integrated entity of plastic molds, improve the quality of the system to enable enterprises to quality and efficiency of the road provides a strong guarantee; for the future group, brand development and lay a firm foundation.

                  In order to improve product quality and technical level, quality management staff of 80 people, 15 people of project preparation, design staff 20 people, mold manufacturing personnel 110 people. With years of design and manufacture of precision molds 1500 sets, mobile phone shell, DV and other products manufacturing more than 60000000 sets of production capacity, dedication to customer service.

                  Companies continue to develop the domestic and international markets. Good enacted believe: faith is the company's purpose, credibility of the company to seek cooperation guidelines, scientific and technological progress is the development of the company's driving force; high-quality, high efficiency products to market entry point. Companies with special emphasis on self-improvement, to improve the core competitiveness of the market, the accumulation of new capital, create new incentives, to promote rapid development of enterprises, and strive to become well-known plastic industry companies.




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