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                Talent Strategy
                Holide Module&plastie Co.,Ltd

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                Talent concept: adhere to the talent as the first power forward to take off the first human resources as a business; adhere personnel selection standards, people who use high-quality technology, human resource development and scientific talent management systems, professional training, selection good people, good people, with good people;

                Employment criteria: Youde talented unconventional reuse, not only virtuous training to use, limited hiring talented non-German, non-German was not determined;

                Weight was the concept: Talent is the most valuable asset, companies provide opportunities for employees, employees of enterprises to create wealth;

                Before the election idea: do not use the most senior people, not necessarily to use famous people, but rather use the most needed and most practical people;

                Incubation concept: more for less substitutions thought to the heart of tolerance is satisfied personnel, education personnel to care for love, not only to foster "economic man", but also to cultivate high-level "moral person";

                With the only concept: Seeking sincere, seeking practical only, you have much talent, gave much you take the stage.
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